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“Thank You” from Bethel Children’s Home – Nepal

Thank you for your generous donations to the Bethel Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal. Together, we have wept and prayed with Pastor Jeewan, the orphanage staff and the orphans themselves. They have endured daily trials and uncertainty following the earthquakes in April; sleeping in tents in the rain as aftershocks continued. During the aftermath, they have been fighting off disease and illness. By God’s Grace, they all have been preserved.


While day-to-day struggles continue, life at the orphanage is now close to being back to normal. Plumbing and structural repairs were undertaken and the building brought back to a habitable condition.


Orphanage staff have been able to assist a neighbouring Buddhist community on two relief missions with food packages and mosquito nets being distributed. As a result, closer ties have been formed and some members of the community have visited the church and will continue to be ministered-to.


In the words of Pastor Jeewan;

“We as a family , are very thankful to you for your love! We are very glad for you are with us and praying for us and helping [to restore] our Bethel home and our affected community by the earth quake. Thank you very much!”…

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