Theological Education

The Presbyterian Theological Centre Committee governs the Christ College which exists to train men and women in all forms of ministry for service in the Presbyterian Church and beyond.

The Committee comprises six Ministers and six Elders, together with the College Principal. Its duties include providing training for candidates for the ministry subject to the requirements of the General Assembly of NSW and having general oversight of the operation of Christ College.

Aims of Christ College are to:

  • Administer the course of training for candidates for the ministry;
  • Provide appropriate training courses for Elders, deaconesses and others engaged in diaconal ministries, Christian education workers, other congregational leaders, home missionaries and other missionary workers;
  • Provide in-service courses for ministers, Elders, deaconesses, home missionaries and other Christian leaders;
  • Provide courses in a broad range of subjects presented according to the standards of the Presbyterian Church of Australia;
  • Promote research in the fields of theological studies, Christian education and the Christian world view.

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Convener – Rev Dr Steven Pym
Principal – Rev Dr Ian Smith

1 Clarence Street, Burwood, NSW, 2134
Phone: (02) 9744 1977