COVID-19 Update #9

Dear all,

Can we live stream or prerecord church services?

We are pleased to confirm that following a direct approach from the Archbishop of the Anglican Church, NSW Health has officially informed that Church that:

“Church buildings are deemed workplaces for the purpose of live streaming church services. Therefore, more than two church workers, paid or volunteer, can gather to record or stream services.  While there is no maximum number, it is expected the number will be kept to a minimum with social distancing measures observed and closed to the public. Social distancing must be modelled on-screen. The building must be closed to the public.”

We commend this advice to all Presbyterian Church ministers.  In doing so, we affirm the requirements of all workplaces be strictly adhered to, including to:

  • ensure prescribed social distancing measures are followed by those involved in the Church premises, including maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres between people and having at least four-square metres per person in a room.
  • ensure that social distancing is modelled on screen.
  • ensure increased hygiene measures are undertaken before and following these activities, including disinfecting all hard surfaces.

We also recommend that a sign be placed on the outside of the Church building, along the following lines:

“In accordance with Government regulations, this building is closed for worship until further notice.  Access only by permission of the Minister.”

Thanks and kind regards,
Rev Richard Keith, NSW Moderator
Jeoffrey R Falls, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer