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Salaries and Remuneration (Ministry and Mission)

Leave Application

Please use the following leave form to apply for leave and send it to once it is approved:

Leave Application Form

Online Portal for Form F, Form S, and Congregational Contacts

Click here to access the online portal login page

You can enter the portal at any time to complete the Annual Return Form F and Form S for calendar years 2022 or 2021, or to make changes to the list of Contacts.

The portal is accessible by the Minister/Home Missionary/Interim Moderator, Treasurer, and Session Clerk for a congregation (as per the contact details in the online portal).   

If you have any queries regarding the online portal, please contact Lara Rutledge:

PCNSW Church Health Survey

The PCNSW Church Health Survey is a tool, which can be used by any congregation, at any time, to gather measurable feedback from their congregation.

The possible benefits include:

  • To conduct a regular review of church health to inform planning among your ministry teams. Results can be compared across time, to understand changes in scoring patterns.
  • To assist elders and other church leaders as they assess ministry priorities.
  • To prepare for your next Ordinary Visitation.
  • To clarify your church’s perceived ‘strengths’ and help you build on them.
  • To establish a ‘baseline’ to evaluate planned changes to the congregation’s ministries.
  • To identify possible causes of stagnation or decline.
  • To provide foundational data to ‘unblock’ contested change initiatives.
  • To capture the diverse opinions of church attenders during periods of conflict.
  • To provide an objective ’snapshot’ of your church for use in a church consultancy.
  • To construct a rich description of your new church community as you enter into a new ministry.

The PCNSW Church Health Survey:

  • Reflects our theological convictions and polity.
  • Builds on relevant research.
  • Can be conducted at any time and on multiple occasions.
  • Can be completed on paper or online.
  • Will return comprehensive results within four weeks.
  • Is fully subsidised by the General Office so that you may use it in your church without charge.

You may view the current survey online by clicking on the link below:

Church Health Survey

For further information, or to conduct this survey within your church, please contact Lara Rutledge: