Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

For all enquiries, phone 1300 773 774

The role of the General Office is to provide effective management and efficient business resources for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church throughout the State & the ACT.

The General Office is the ‘arms and legs’ of the Property Trust and is a resource centre supporting Congregations, the Assembly (with its Committees) and all other organisations of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Our vision is to be a valued financial and business resource to Presbyterian Congregations and wider Church organisations.

Our Mission is to glorify God in the service of his people by ensuring the proper performance of trusts and the responsible development of available finance and business services for the Presbyterian Church in NSW and the ACT.

Our values are Christian integrity, service in fellowship, sound financial performance and vital administration that brings glory to God.

Our strategy aims to supply a satisfying customer experience in delivering practical investment, lending and business solutions for the denomination – providing the smart and safe place for Presbyterian assets.

The General Office performs compliant statutory and accounting tasks required for prudent investment and protection of assets in the Trustee’s Investment Fund, and elsewhere. The fundamental purpose behind General Office responsibilities is the building up and protection of temporal wealth, and to deliver a wide variety of business services in serving Christ’s eternal ends in congregational and other ministry activities throughout His Church.

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter from the General Office outlined below is provided to assure the standards of performance you are entitled to anticipate

We promise:

  1. to ensure good management and to act with Christian integrity to all stakeholders
  2. to act with financial prudence and within ethical investment framework
  3. to always act in a commercially sound manner in supporting Presbyterian Ministry
  4. to communicate in a clear and open and transparent style.
  5. to be accessible Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm on 1300 773 774
  6. to support staff in giving the best service they can
  7. to provide quick and effective responses to requests and correspondence within five working days
  8. to respond within 24 hours to concerns or complaints and to fix most complaints within five working days
  9. to never sell or publicly divulge any personal details unless required by law
  10. to be a valued business resource to congregations and wider church activities