Mission Statement

Because God is worthy of all glory, the Trustees shall be –

  • wise stewards, protecting and growing all funds in our care;
  • innovative facilitators, assisting the Presbyterian Church to achieve ministry goals; and
  • faithful servants, supporting the General Assembly to achieve its mission.

Vision Statement

A healthy vibrant and well resourced Church for current and future generations.

The Property Trust acts as the link between the General Assembly and the Church’s presbyteries, congregations, organisations, ministerial personnel and members in matters pertaining to property, finance and law. The General Assembly looks to the Property Trust to act effectively and prudently in protecting and managing the denomination’s assets.

The Presbyterian Church (New South Wales) Property Trust is a body of 12 people who are members of the Presbyterian Church elected by the General Assembly (six of whom must be ministers). It is not a committee of the Church and is frequently referred to as the ‘Property Trust’, or more simply ‘the Trustees’ (or Corporate Trustees).

The Property Trust is an incorporated legal body under the Presbyterian Church (New South Wales) Property Trust Act, 1936 [it is not incorporated under the federal Corporations Act, 2000]. The Property Trust is the legal title holder of all property. The term ‘property’ is legally interpreted broadly to mean assets beyond that of real estate.

The Trustees are responsible for the temporal affairs of the Church. They have civil responsibility to the law of the land in carrying out the duties required under the 1936 Act of Parliament, but also are obliged to comply with broader trust law in respect of managing trusts generally. Most importantly, the Trustees are responsible to the General Assembly in NSW and operate under Church regulations which confirm specific powers that enable the Trustees to serve the Church, when handling its financial affairs.


Rev. Dan Au
Rev. Keith Boulden
Mr. Jeff Davis
Mr. Michael Minter
Mrs. Leah Russell
Mr. Michael Siede
Rev. David Seaman
Dr. Rod Yager (Chairman)
Mr. Andrew Yen
Rev. Hugh Prattis
Rev. Michael Boyd
Rev. Bruce Meller
The General Manager, Mr Jeoffrey Falls is Secretary to the Property Trust.
Mr. Jordan Perry is Chief Financial Officer.
Mr. Peter Merrick is Executive Manager – Corporate Services.