COVID-19 Update #10

Dear all,

We pray God’s richest blessings on you and your congregation at this Easter time.

This Update is designed to provide reminders, updates and answers to a few questions from Ministers, as well refer you to various resources.

Key messages and communications

  1. If you have not been able to share the Moderator’s message last Sunday, we ask if you could include it in your Easter services:
  2. Frequently Asked Questions, including copies of all previous Updates, can be found on our website:
  3. The new Pulse eMag was launched this week and can be found at:  As we have stopped printing hard copies of the magazine, please forward this link to all members in your congregation and invite them to catch up on all that is happening across our Church.  We are currently establishing a Pulse subscribers list, which will allow future copies to be sent directly to members.
  4. The PCNSW/ACT Facebook page, which shares information from across committees and congregations, can be found at  This Facebook page captures posts from across various Presbyterian committee and congregation Facebook pages – check it out and please share it with family and friends.
  5. Ministry & Mission has a growing number of resources for healthy ministry and information on financial assistance which can be found at  Further resources are regularly posted on the Ministry & Mission PCNSW Facebook page.
  6. A range of Jericho Road COVID-19 resourcescan be found at:
  7. For kids, check out free resources available from New Growth Press:
  8. SBS has produced 16 ‘Coronavirus Explained In Your Language’ videos, which have been shared on the Facebook pages for their various SBS Radio Language Services:
  9. Please remember the PresAid Appeal this Easter:

The government’s stimulus package

We continue to wait to see the legislation relating to the JobKeeper Payment Program and will advise you as soon as we confirm the application of the new legislation to congregations.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the more than 150 congregations that have responded to the COVID-19 questionnaire this week and encourage those few who have yet to respond to do so today or over the weekend. 

We will be reviewing the feedback and producing reports next week and look forward to sharing the results with you.

Zoom meetings and church services

Please be aware of the potentially insecure nature of Zoom meetings. While many congregations are using Zoom, caution is urged that only known persons should be invited to attend such meetings. It is not recommended that the zoom meeting link and ID be made available to the whole world via your Church website. There would be nothing stopping anti-Christian elements in our society from linking in and taking over the meeting by unmuting themselves and saying unhelpful or even abusive things.

To minimise the risks of using Zoom, please refer to and

Easter message from the Moderator

At Easter we celebrate that God vindicated Jesus and made him Lord of all. He is Lord of our success and suffering, of our work and rest, of our living and dying. In him and by his Spirit, God’s love triumphs over hate, hope beats despair, faith transforms unbelief. While we have health and strength, let us love our neighbours. And whatever happens, our lives are safe in him.  May the Lord bless you all this Easter.

As you and your people prepare for the saving grace of Easter, we commend the following rendition of ‘It Is Well With My Soul’:

Grace and peace,
Rev Richard Keith, NSW Moderator
Jeoffrey R Falls, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer