Singing in Churches – A Further Update


Dear all,

We are writing to provide an update on singing.  Thank you to all those who emailed us yesterday following up.  We have been waiting on further communications from NSW Health regarding congregants being able to participate in singing indoors.

But we are advised of the following at the time of this email.

The NSW Government’s last announcement is: “With Christmas approaching, up to 30 choir singers can now perform outside but only five are allowed to gather indoors.  All congregants at religious services can participate in singing, but those over the age of 12 must wear face masks.”

In the Religious Communities Forum in which we participated on Wednesday morning, NSW Health indicated that the intent of this announcement was only on singing outdoors.

If the outside event is one where the audience or congregation is likely to participate in the singing, such as carols by candlelight or religious services, audience members and congregants 12 years or older are able to participate in singing if they wear a face mask. 

At this time, this concession for singing with masks regrettably does not extend to indoor church services or events.

In other words, the rules in relation to singing remains unchanged at up to 5 singers for indoor services and up to 30 singers at outdoor events, such as carol services.

We are, however, continuing to advocate for singing with or without masks in church indoors and have written directly to NSW Health seeking their permission to do so.

Kind regards,
Jeoffrey R Falls, General Manager | Chief Executive Officer
Rev. Andrew Campbell (NSW Moderator)