Exemption under Public Health Orders – Places of Worship – Singing



Dear all,

Hot off the press!  Hope this may help some congregations tomorrow.

Please see below email from NSW Health and attached copy of the Public Health Order for your information.

Please note that these changes relate only to churches in New South Wales, and our colleagues in the ACT will need to continue to refer to ACT Government Public Health directions.

Please do not hesitate to contact Peter Merrick or Jeof Falls should you have any questions or require assistance in interpreting the restrictions to your local circumstances.

Grace and peace,

Jeof Falls and Andrew Campbell (Moderator NSW)

Dear Multicultural NSW Religious Communities Forum members,

Following feedback received from members, the Minister for Health has approved an exemption under the Public Health Orders relating to singing and chanting in places of worship.

Please find the exemption instrument attached. It can also be found here.  

The exemption means that:

In Greater Sydney:

  • Two singers are permitted to sing or chant at a place of public worship.
  • These singers must be in a room or designated area of the place of public worship.
  • There can only be two other persons (eg. musician or camera operator) in the room or designated area with the two singers while they are singing.
  • While they are singing, the two singers must be 3 metres away from anyone else at the place of public worship.
  • These singers are not required to wear a face mask while they are singing or chanting only, but must at all other times while they are at the place of public worship.

Places of worship outside of Greater Sydney:

  • The following people are permitted to sing or chant while at a place of public worship:
    • An individual who is integral to the conduct of the religious service, or
    • A group of up to 5 singers at one time during a single service.  
  • These people must wear a mask while singing and while at the place of public worship.
  • They must maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres from each other and at least 3 metres from the congregation.

Please note that all other requirements of the Public Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Order 2021 continue to apply, and places of public worship in Greater Sydney must still be closed to members of the public except for:

  • a funeral or memorial service, or a gathering following a funeral or memorial service, at which there are no more than 100 persons, including the person conducting the service, or
  • providing educational services or childcare.

Thank you for your feedback and for your ongoing commitment to keeping our community safe at this critical time.